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Technical Norms for Paper Submission

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Technical Norms for Paper Submission

Page formatting

Margins: Top (3 cm), Left (3 cm), Bottom (2 cm) and Right (2 cm).
Source: Times New Roman, size 12.
Line Spacing: 1.5.


Centralized and bold.

Authorship and co-authorship

Name and surname must be indicated, accompanied by footnote in which position, institution and e-mail for contact must be indicated. The same applies to the co-author, when applicable.

Summary and keywords

600 character limit text.
Indication of up to 3 keywords.

Structure of text

Suggestion: include introduction and concluding notes.


Should appear at the end of the text, following the suggested formatting below.


SURNAME, Name. Title in italics. City: Publisher, year of publication.

Ex .: CHESNAIS, François. The globalization of capital. São Paulo: Shaman, 1996.

Chapter of books

SURNAME, Name. Title of chapter. In: SURNAME, Name (org.). Book title in italics. City: Publisher, year of publication, p. (pagination).

Ex: LOUREIRO, Isabel. Rosa Luxemburg and Trotsky: the Russian Revolution of 1905. In: COGGIOLA, Osvaldo (Org.). Trotsky today. São Paulo: Ensaio, 1994. p. 17-34.

Newspaper article

SURNAME, Name. Title of the article. Name of the journal in italics, City, v. (Volume), n. (Number), p. (Pagination), month and year of publication.

Ex .: SERFATI, Claude. The armed wing of globalization. October n. 6, p. 47-65, 2002.


Citations in the paper should be enclosed in quotation marks in the main body of the text or in indented paragraph (for citations with more than three lines). The corresponding bibliographic reference should be placed next in parentheses and in the author-date system, according to the following format: (Surname, year, p.).


If the paper contains figures or graphs, they should be sent in good resolution to ensure the quality of the reading and the visualization of the data in electronic interface. To do this, they must be sent in TIFF or JPEG format, with 500 dpi resolution or in Excel format.


They should be at the bottom of the page where the note is inserted. If the note is accompanied by a bibliographic reference this should be marked in the format (Last year, p.) and must be related in the References.